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Pro Brass Returns Policy

Pro Brass mouthpieces offer a seven working day trial period and a money back guarantee. Shipping time is not included in the seven days so you have a full seven working days to try the mouthpiece. Tracking informnation will determine the start date of your trial. 

Standard and signature mouthpieces can be returned or exchanged within seven days of receipt provided it is in "as new" condition. Custom mouthpieces cannot be exchanged or refunded. Pro Brass will refund the original purchase price on returns, minus a $10 cleaning and restocking fee.

It is the responsibility of the customer to carefully inspect mouthpieces prior to return for refund or exchange. Mouthpieces returned with any signs of damage will not be accepted for refund or exchange.

Shipping costs are not refunded.

If PayPal is used, the original mouthpiece must be returned and received in new condition before a new mouthpiece is shipped.

Mouthpieces are to be returned by regular postal service, not by courier. Taxes, and brokerage fees generated by returning mouthpieces by courier will be charged to the customer's credit card.

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